Friday, July 11, 2014

On Being Accidentally Nonchalant

So it's Friday and The Atlas managed to get an afternoon off and we went to the central markets for lunch - with everyone else in Adelaide.

So the tables are scarce

and there is a man sitting eating on his own with 4 empty chairs around him

and The Atlas is suggesting we just go out and sit on a bench somewhere together but I want a table

so I wander over to the man and smile politely

'would you mind if we join you at your table?'

'not at all he smiles, I'm almost finished'

'oh don't let us scare you off,' I laugh. we all sit down around him and smile politely, saying our thank yous.

He makes a cute comment to Bounce about the size of his hot dog, finishes his mouthful and leaves. We thank him again and get on with the mess of consuming hotdogs.

Another market eater comes up and asks us how we knew that man.... we didn't we say, we just asked to share his table. The man gushes that was actually Charles Dance - although he could only remember his GoT name - Tywin Lannister (I think he was working up courage to go over and say hi, ask for an autograph, photo.... when we joined him and he thought we must have been family!).

Turns out friendly, polite man is also Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance and in Adelaide for the filming of Gallipoli.

So we were totally nonchalant and barged in on his table. Oops. You know us kiwis quite happy to share a table with anyone. If we were more hip and up with pop culture we might have known that ourselves - ahh well you can't win them all!

love you more than celebrity spotting xxxx