Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I'm Reading - Mrs D is Going Without

Another memoir - about a successful woman - career, husband, children, nice home.... who battled with alcohol. Mrs D comes to the confronting realisation that even though she's not some dodgy drunk whose the stereotypical 'alkie', she does in fact have a problem.

As she says, I don't think my high-functioning boozing story is uncommon. I believe there are many thousands of people like me who are doing well in their outward life but in truth are regularly sinking far too much piss and always feeling guilty about it.

So she begins her journey living without.

Perhaps as a non-drinker (not strictly, I just don't like beer or wine) this is an unusual choice for me but I really enjoyed reading it. As part of her plan Mrs D starts a blog and finds huge support from her beautiful readers - and that I could totally relate to.

As a blogger it challenged me to be more open and honest in the ways I blog and to reflect on the fact that the blog posts that stay with me more than others are the people who express, from time to time, the struggles and worries they face.

Mrs D also faces a huge move away from family and friends as she journeys and I find myself smiling and having a wee cry as I reflected on the emotional wrench of leaving a loving environment where people know you and love you.

I think this book would be very encouraging to anyone who feels haunted by secrets and habits that control their life. It is pacey and easy to read.

Details - published by Allen and Unwin July 2014 RRP $29.99, also available as an ebook

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