Friday, January 4, 2013

First Friday Loving

Holidays are the best.

There is nothing better than having The Atlas and the boys round and nothing in particular to be done.

The Atlas suggested a drive to Lake Coleridge and even though the weather looked threatening it was so gorgeous and hot. I loved watching my boys having a go on their ride on top kayaks.

They were SO cute. I also loved that my sister and I ended up in a water fight that had us both fully clothed in the water - also pleased no-one got a photo!

This part of the year also seems to be very productive. I was sewing a dress the other day and having a conversation out the window with this gorgeous little chap.... our little sandpit gets a lot of love and it was so fun to hear him saying 'I can hear you sewing mama'. Bless him

At one point he walked all the ay through the house with a ball of sand to show me because I hadn't looked out the window quick enough - he's just such a fun kid.

Watching my talented sister and brother in law perform in the ReStart mall.

Having fun with my new toy.... The Atlas bought me an iPad for Christmas which was a complete shock (he got slippers from Trade Aid) and Flip and I had some fun trying out photo booth. The Atlas also went through it and researched the best blogging stuff so he added blogsy for me .... he's such a darling man.

I made him a blokey afternoon tea for his birthday...Flip and Bounce were allowed to take drink orders before we left them to chatting and eating.

Friends who let our boys borrow their Xbox with the kinect fixture the concentration on the faces was awesome.

and the little one who finished up the tasty bits from the ginger cake tin....

Mainly I'm just loving the holidays... the pace....the chance to catch up, create and hang out.

Are you making the most of these lazy days?

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Widge said...

I got a shock I pad too and all I gave goose were a couple of DVDs! Those sweet men huh!!
Now you can join Instagram with all the other blog gang!!

Naomi said...

Super cute! Loving the 'holidays' too, the time for creativity, the sunshine, reading, hanging out and most particularly that they have an end point. (Remind me that when I start complaining about work ;-) )

Unknown said...

It looks heavenly, your boys are so cute!!

Janine xx

Leonie said...

Lots to love - cuteness and fun! Holidays are awesome, so are thoughtful husbands! xx