Friday, April 19, 2013

Things That Make Me Go Ahhhh....

This Friday I want to show you some of the things I loved most about last weekend.

It was such a joy to meet all of the bloggers who came but I was especially lucky to have 3 stay with me. And what amazing women they were. Both nights we got to talk until we turned into pumpkins. I love that more than once we needed the tissues as we shared time together... I love that even though we'd just met we felt that special connection immediately.

Here they are taking photos of each other. I'm hopeful I'll get some more pics of them because I didn't take any all weekend.


Talia (I stole this photo off her blog.... where are the photos of Talia??)


I loved every minute with you.

Swap partners - I luckily ended up with 3 of them. I didn't get to spend anywhere near enough time with them but they made the most amazing badges for me and my gifts were so perfect too!

Thanks so much Vanessa


and Katrina

and I got some other little gifts from some special people too. The phone is mine and the cute pencil is from C1.

I got and amazing goodie bag and a wonderful hamper from lush too but I'll have to show you those another time.

Look at this amazing little stamp I bought from the shop at Addington Coffee Co-Op

Joining in with beautiful Meghan and other grateful people.

(photos stolen from Meghan, Kristy, Roz and probably other people too!)