Monday, April 15, 2013

Bloggers Connecting - the first reflections

As the extrovert I am ready for a quiet week so I can only imagine how much some others will want some space and quiet in their lives this week too.

Things I loved about this weekend:

Creativity - the name badges were amazing - every one different - I love how put to the same task we each produce something unique, original and with our own stamp on it. I'll be pinning as many as I see in photos onto the pinterest board I created for ideas. Let's inspire the world!

I'm going to take some pics of mine later in the week - here's one of our award winners though:

Inclusiveness - if I could choose a 'theme' that I wanted most for this weekend (and my life!) it would be inclusiveness. I was so, so proud of the way each woman there chose to talk, connect, include, notice others. I have no doubt that comes from a place of beauty inside you.

Beautiful Gail:

Enthusiasm - some people do enthusiasm quietly (we all know that isn't me) but... every time, every challenge, every opportunity - wide open embrace. Even under extreme duress on the dance-o-mat!! I love that people came ready for all of it and by doing and trying and having a go you created an atmosphere of enthusiasm.

Deb and I - enthusiasm plus!! :o)

There are a million other things I loved.... namely talking to you, meeting you, seeing some bloggers again, putting a face/name to a blog, having some of you stay over, having some of you visit my place, learning some new stuff, getting a goodie bag and 3 wonderful swap partners..... yeah there is more too but mainly it's people and you are all so pretty - even more pretty than your photos had me believe you were.

I'm sure there are going to be some more posts to come... but this is my first off.... 'oh I loved it' reflections...

Sending you all an enormous, safe-for-non-huggers, cyber squeeze.

and stealing all my photos from others because I didn't pull my camera out once the whole weekend. (too busy talking loudly) do add your shots to the drop box too - thanks so much to all who have shared


Holly said...

Heheh I love the photo of you standing on the chair! I seem to have at least two of them on my phone too, strangely enough! :P

My brain is still way too full to write articulately about this weekend, but I am slooooowly making my way through the list of everyone's blogs, trying to work out who I met and who I missed out on talking to.

PS: I'm another one who hardly took any photos, booooo. :(

Sammy said...

YOU were fabulous. From start to finish. Love your heart xxx

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Lovely lady, the things you loved about this weekend - the creativity, enthusiasm and inclusiveness - were what I loved about you xx

Leonie said...

Special, lovely people x. You all did tremendously well :)

Notchka said...

Ha! I have a brilliant (albeit slightly out of focus shot) of you talking up a storm.

Max said...

I'm still buzzing-it was marvellous, and all thanks to a woman with vision and energy. Enjoy recharging x

Simoney said...

You girls did AMAZING... and you Miriam in particular, well, the welcome is as warm and bright as you are.
Love ya!

jacksta said...

you are the definition of a beautiful woman...inside and out. I am thoroughly inspired by you.

Rachel Osborne said...

I was so thrilled to meet you and find you larger than life... your GIANT personality just jumped off the page onto real life. I wish I could live in Christchurch and be your for-real friend... thanks for all your hard work, blood, sweat and tears! Woot! xx

Sophie said...

well done on all your hard work, it looks amazing and fabulous!

tartankiwi said...

You're awesome! And so is Treena!!!
Thank you for being you and for daring to make your dream a reality!

Jen | said...

How are you not a comedian? You are so funny, Miriam! You made us feel so at ease and brought such fun to what can be at times, boring situations! Like the intro to the day, how bad ass was that!