Friday, April 12, 2013


Every Friday I stop to think about what I am grateful for.
Today it's simple, obvious, easy even.
I know I'm an extrovert so being around people is good for me, fun, exciting even....

But it's more than that. I think we need people in our lives and the people (known and unknown) in our lives are pivotal to our own development.

Want change? Want patience? Spend time in slow queues, with people who annoy you and talk too much and don't listen.

Want compassion? Spend time with people who've been dealt a hard hand. Not judging from the outside but seeing from the inside.

Want strength? Spend time with people who push themselves through adversity. Spend time with people who misunderstand you and don't believe in your dreams.

Want laughter? Spend time with people who see the funny in the world, who laugh at themselves, who are childlike. Heck, just spend time with some small kids you'll either laugh or go insane.

Want encouragement? Surround yourself with people who get out and do the stuff of life without making excuses, spend time with 'cheerleaders' who want you to succeed.

No, people will not solve all your problems or make you happy necessarily but, people will reveal who you are, they will sharpen you, challenge you and give you opportunity to become the best or worst version of yourself.

In isolation we can all be compassionate, thoughtful, patient and kind but when we rub up against others we have the opportunity to act out our ideals.(And we realise that naturally acting out those ideals is actually quite difficult sometimes!)

We have the chance to listen when we want to speak, to understand what we naturally turn away from, to give, rather than receive, to include, to be brave, to take a risk, to be part of a team.

When we spend time with others we have many, many opportunities to change the world. One action, word, gesture at a time.

I believe in relationships and as those wise words say I do believe that 'as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another'.

So looking forward to adding to the beautiful people in my life this weekend. To being taught new things, to see the world through different eyes.



Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

This is beautiful, Miriam. So looking forward to arriving in Chch today!! See you soooooooon xx

Unknown said...

Amazing post and so true x

bee said...

You are such a good person, I'm feeling the nerves but looking forward to meeting you : )

Notchka said...

Brilliant words wise friend

Bron said...

Have a fabulous weekend with all your buddies. xxxx

Naomi said...

Beautifully written! xx

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Wonderful post Miriam. You sure were the hostess with the mostess this weekend. I hope you can spend the next few days reflecting and smiling on the amazing success this was for you and the team. So blessed to have been a part of it xx

Simoney said...

This is a fantatsic post Miriam!
I can hear your "voice" loud and clear.
It was a pleasure to be part of this wonderful weekend... many many thanks for your warm welcome and fantastic hospitatlity

bee said...

Hi Miriam, I wanted to thank you again for making me feel so welcome at the conference dinner- and also to say hi under my new blog name. I was so inspired by all of the people I spoke to and look forward to trying new things on my blog and meeting up with ChCh bloggers again : )

Leonie said...

Beautiful post and so very true x

Anonymous said...

oooooooh love... i think its probably been said a hundred times, but i remember my mum saying if you want friends, be a friend :o)

i love your post - it so reminds me to be grateful for the amazing people in my life!

Sophie Slim said...

Love it Miriam, and love you! I feel so rich with their friendships in my life x