My Wardrobe

What you really need to know is this: I haven't grown out of dressing up and I have neither  a designer body or budget but I'm not going to wait until I do - I'm going to have fun with my wardrobe now and I really hope inspires you to do the same too!

When I share what I'm wearing it's most often hand made and more and more made from second hand fabric. I love to op-shop and I also having lots of clothes. I doubt I'll ever be a minimalist and I own barely anything in black.

I believe we need to celebrate and hopefully to embrace our bodies however we find them - post baby, young or old. Your body is lovely, hopefully functional and precious and I want this place to be a place for you to see another women (who is her own kind of ordinary) who doesn't live in a designer home on  a designer budget with a designer body.