Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday, Make My Week #25 - My Jesus Dress

My sister saw this fabric in a market in Amsterdam.
She told me about it.
She sent me some with a note saying 'You're the only person in the world who could rock this fabric.'

Maybe she is a little generous but Hello??' I <3 Jesus with gold shiny Holy Spirit Doves'?? Yes Please!
I used a pattern that was an off-cast from one of my mama's friends.

Without the belt I look a bit like I am 7 months pregnant or how I still look 5 months after giving birth.
I love this fabric - I often think about making clothes that say stuff about the real 'who I am' more than just the 'I love clothes and dressing up' part of who I am.

I do love Jesus, very much. He is the source of who I really am and who I am becoming. At 34 I'm at that happy stage of my life where I feel entirely at home with this and I don't feel like I need to make excuses or try to convince people that loving Jesus doesn't make me weird, or crazy or deluded or brainless. Point is I find meaning and joy in this sometimes difficult-to-explain relationship and I'm happy to wear that on a black chiffon, 80s-esque printed dress with pink stilettos (even if I did slip over in the ice in them!).

outfit breakdown:
Dress - made by me, fabric from Amsterdam
Tights - cosmic
pink stilettos - TKMaxx - UK
Cardi - hand-me-down from a cousin

What do your clothes say about you and your values?
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Jess B said...

I love it. You totally rock that fabric. I love the pops of pink, it just makes the whole outfit perfect. Those last two photos are my favourites (though your boys are pretty darn sweet too!).

Notchka said...

Rad! I am some-how reminded of Solid Gold Hits with this outfit, but in a totally good way. I guess I don't have so many slogan tee-shirts and buttons anymore, my message is a little more subtle in terms of reuse, recycle, upcycle (loads of thrifted stuff).

Amy @ onacraftyadventure said...

You rock that dress!

Maxabella said...

Gold Jesus fabric!? That's hysterical! I love this shape on you, Miriam. Very nice. x

Rowantree Design said...

Wow Miriam, you put it out there in this dress. Who wold have thought 'Solid Gold, Jesus Fabric', between you and your sister you have! I love the way you have styled it with the hot pink. Now I'd like to see your dance moves.

Miriam said...

The pink makes it work for me - I don't love wearing all black

Miriam said...

I felt very solid gold when I wore it!

Miriam said...


Miriam said...

I know it is SO not what you would expect from Jesus fabric! Thanks

Miriam said...

Thanks!!! I have some dance moves up my sleeve!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Rocking the hot pink with Jesus, hilarious!! Love Posie

Hootnz said...

That is awesome! I am also diggin the hot pink shoes and cardy... brilliant!

Naomi said...

Solid God hits!!