Friday, June 8, 2012


This week I am thankful for enthusiasm
I love how my boys have bucketfuls of enthusiasm
How kids are SO enthusiastic

How they haven't decided they are too cool to show how really excited they are about life, presents, surprises, snow, dancing..... and the rest

Being naturally enthusiastic makes it difficult for me understand how adults can be so underwhelmed when they win something or are given something or see something amazing - I wonder if it is a way of responding they have learned, to be underwhelmed, is it self-consciousness or something else?

Me I'm all for enthusiasm. I love the quote that says
 'nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm'

What emotion do you love to witness in others? These photos will be more properly explained in my B.M.W.B post next week - it's a good one!!

Joining in with other people exploring gratefulness

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tartankiwi said...

Can't wait to find out more about what you've all been up to!
I'm with you 100%- enthusiasm is wonderful as is curiosity for learning.

Catching the Magic said...

Lovely post and yes, enthusiasm is a fabulous feeling - I love it when something gets me completely buzzing with it! :)

Sam said...

That's a great shot, enthusiasm is infectious isn't it!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

I love being enthusiastic too. It's a sad world when adults go through life being sour and never showing any joy - I couldn't bear to be like that. Sometimes I probably get a bit too overexcited about stuff but I'd far rather that way! Love your cute pics. Happy weekend to ya lovey xx