Friday, April 10, 2015

Goodbye Sweetheart

If you are wanting a read that tangles around you and makes you think Goodbye Sweetheart by Marion Halligan is a good choice. Although it is very different from The Particular Sadness of Lemoncake, which I reviewed a while ago, it has a similar kind of feel - it's almost dreamlike.

William Cecil father, husband and ex-husband x2 dies and the book is an unravelling of his life and the lives of those who have lost him. Each character is unveiled in their own story and slowly the stories start to come together and we glimpse backwards and forwards between the stories.

This story isn't complicated but it isn't simple and straightforward either. It carries a kind of spirituality through it and examines, subtly, the ways in which we are influenced by others.

This is one I'll be recommending to people who love literature (in the high brow sense of the word) and who like language. Perfect for whiling away afternoons with a view of a stormy sea. Thought provoking in an offbeat way.

The author has published twenty books, of which ten are novels and has received an AM for her services to literature as well as being shortlisted for many awards.

Details - Allen and Unwin March 2015, RRP $29.99 also available as an ebook. 

love you more than a stormy day and a new novel xxx

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yeah I Made It 15/52 - rainy hoop

So I bought a 3 pack of these and after my princess and the pea I decided to go for a bit of rainy day love.

I know rainy days can be tedious when they stretch on forever and ever and the washing banks up but every now and then it's nice to spend a day listening to the rain drumming on the roof.

I added in the fray drops because I felt like maybe the blue wasn't enough of a contrast - maybe it's still too light and you might have to ogle too hard to get an idea but I like it.

If you want to get your hands on some hoops of your own you can find them online here or I buy mine at E for Ethel cafe. I don't get anything (but love, I assume I get some of that!) for promoting these lovely ladies just happy to give them a holla because they are lovely.

Got any ideas for my next hoop? Do tell - if I get lots of ideas I'll need to buy some new hoops! What about I make one as a giveaway?? What would you want me to make for you?

love you more than a simple project xxx

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Books for Children - new on our shelves

Renowned author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay's new book Any Questions is written as a response to her discussions with children and the questions they ask her about the process of writing a book.

As someone who would love to join the ranks of 'published children's authors' I read this book with my own kinds of interest and questions too.

I love Gay's illustrative style it is whimsical and she creates pages that have an interactive feel to them. Drawing on repeated questions she take the reader on a journey of how she creates and realises stories. This is not a 'how a book gets published' book it is 'how a story comes to life' story.

I think it will appeal to children's natural curiosity and the ranks of story writers and wannabe illustrators (children seem much more honest and upfront about these desires!) who frequent the average classroom. Children are natural storytellers, mine are anyway, and I think this book would be a great jumping off point for teachers and daydreamers. I would have loved this book as a child.

Bounce really enjoyed reading it with me and was especially engaged with the illustrations which provide lots of discussion opportunities.

Details - Allen and Unwin March 2015 RRP $19.99 HB

Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein and illustrated by Judy Watson is a book I know I will use with young children for dance and drama.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and capture the movement and colours of a storm perfectly.

What I love about this story is that it is each member of the family who becomes a part of the storm and I can see children wanting to imitate this with their own extended family.

It's one I think grandparents would love to buy and share and is a perfect read for little people who love to move, make noise and be involved in a great big group collaboration.

The interaction between the text and the illustrations really enhances the overall narrative.

Details - Allen and Unwin March 2015 RRP $24.99, also available as an ebook

love you more than a little daydream in the midst of a hectic day xxx

from time to time I get the opportunity to also interview some of the authors and illustrators - what questions would you want answers for?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bunny Buns

Loaf of bread or bunny buns?

I used my favourite simple Sophie Grey bread recipe to produce a batch of bunnies.

Shape buns, use a skewer and some scissors and you have yourself a set of awkward and slightly scary looking 'bunny buns'. (The ones on pinterest looked much more inviting but hey these will be a good benchmark for you - no need to try to fly too high now!)

The boys (all) loved them.

Sometimes it really is the simple things!

love you more than a fresh bunny bun with melted butter xxx

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lighter Reading

Last year a friend lent me Josephine Moon's book The Tea Chest which I really enjoyed so when I saw she had a new book out The Chocolate Promise I was super keen to get my hands on a copy.

The novel follows Christmas Livingstone who lives to nurture and love others but has some very specific rules that protect her from getting hurt. She runs the delightful and very tempting sounding Chocolate Apothecary in Tasmania safe and delicious until a handsome botanist arrives on her doorstep and upsets her rigid rules.

From Tasmania to Paris with twists and turns this book is an engaging read, though dragged a little for me in some parts.

For any woman who appears to have it all under control but is terrified of losing control. Curl up with a cuppa, some good chocolate and make it a girly few nights. I'll be recommending this to friends who are girly novel lovers.

Details - Allen and Unwin March 2015, RRP $29.99 available as an ebook.

Written by a vet, animal surgeon and best selling novelist The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs by Nick Trout follows disgraced veterinary pathologist, Cyrus Mills as he lands in the backwaters of Eden Falls and inherits his estranged father's drowning clinic.

Over the course of a week Cyrus is exposed to pet owners of every calibre and confronted by the demons of his own past and broken family.

More than a light novel but easy to read this book is for the animal lover and for anyone who has allowed perceptions to rule relationships. Redemption and relationship as well as all the craziness that must come from being a vet in a small town. I'll be recommending it to animal lovers, people that appreciate a laugh and those who know the pain of relationships that have gone awry.

Perfect for a night on the couch with a hairy friend (if you have one!)

Details - Allen and Unwin March 2015 RRP $22.99

Thanks to A&U for supporting my reading addiction 

love you more than a book, a chocolate bar and an evening in xxx

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

13/52 - Sports Day

Sports day fell on a non-work day! Hooray

So I got to help out the parent network bbqing 400 sausages and watch these cuties in their races.

Luckily the parklands are nearby the school - inner city schools don't have good field space.

love you more than a sore throat from cheering xxx

Monday, March 30, 2015

Yeah I Made It 14/52 - A Pixie Coat

I do have a little thing about coats and I rather like to have a wardrobe full of them,

even though the recent temperatures are hardly autumnal - we shall not speak of this.

So when I saw Lisa's little pixie coats I left a comment saying 'oh if you ever do adult sizes...' and she did!

This pattern is a very simple one and comes together super quickly even though it is fully lined. Due to the lack of winter (some Australians may argue with this) that Adelaide experiences, I made my coat in a drill with a polycotton lining. I double topstitched the edges and rolled up the cuffs to show off the lining.

Note to self - do not iron polycotton on the linen setting! Thankfully I did that on the little button loop at the beginning while redemption and spare fabric were available.

I was one of a group of people pattern testing this for Lisa before she released the pattern for general sale. It's a clever thing to do I think because you don't want to be discovering errors after the release.

I am really pleased with this. The length is perfect for throwing on and it is roomy (just in case you wanted more than one layer - I never bother!).

If you want to get your hands on this pattern it goes from ladies 6 to size 18 and all the information is here. For today and tomorrow only Lisa is offering an additional 25% off with the code LADIESPIXIE.

One of the things I loved about this as a PDF pattern is that there is a clever trick where you click your size and that is all that prints out. It makes the cutting out so much easier.

If you are up for a matching family set you can also get the coat in children's sizes 1-14. (Wouldn't that be adorable??) You can find all of Lisa's patterns here.

Now all I need is a cold snap, please Adelaide???

Can a woman ever have too many coats? (maybe if she lives in Adelaide??)

love you more than a day below 25 degrees... I like those xxx