Monday, May 25, 2015

21/52 and 22/52 - big weekends

Someone little and someone big (me) spent last Friday night sleeping under the bright lights of the womens&childrens hospital.

Someone little may have banged his head and then started vomiting about a half hour later.

Someone little is totally fine.

Someone bigger wrote someone littler a note to have by his bed that said, "waaaa, it's not the same without you. love Flip xox"

So that was the start of last weekend but other than that it was rather lovely - autumnal sunshine and games in the city square.

Then this weekend we had a someone 9s birthday party and he received a tent he was saving up for from all the extended family going in together.

We had a 'wheely mysterious' party which involved a cycling treasure hunt.

love you more than a sofa bed xxx

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yeah I Made It 21/52 - Apron

Birthday gift for a little lady

limitied time

using the stash

modelled by Bounce.

love you more than a present completed half an hour before the party starts xxx

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Now You Are Nine

And just like that nine years have passed.

It's amazing to have watched our baby grow into a toddler and then into a boy... being a teenager is just around the corner.

Dear Flip,

I am so pleased to be your mama - to have the delight of you saying every night, when you are supposed to be going up to bed, I could hug you forever. I so admire your perseverance and your willingness to have a go at everything.

We have always been delighted by you. We love the way you see the world. We love that you march to the beat of your own drum without wanting to, or considering imposing that beat on anyone else. We think you are totally awesome.

You are such a delightful person you still hold my hand and I love how you wink right back at me when we catch each other's eye across the playground or the classroom or any space. You are friendly and inclusive and you genuinely believe that everyone is your friend - may you always be such.

You are a fantastic, patient, caring and including brother to Bounce and it makes us so delighted the way you 2 find all sorts of crazy games to play together. You still love numbers and technology, when we give you the chance, you also think wolves are the best.

You have a vivid imagination and you love being silly and making us laugh. Flip we are very proud of you and the way you have continued to grow with grace and faith into the boy you are. We are so blessed that you are in our family and we hope this new year will bring you exciting new challenges, a deeper faith and much joy.

You are nine and we think that is wonderful.

Love you, always and forever

M+D+Bounce xxxx

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Place

In a rental you are sometimes stuck with things - like awful floral curtains and peach cabinetry but anywhere there are still opportunities to make a place feel like home.

This is one of my favourite places in our house - it makes me smile every time I look at it.

The 2 chairs are projects I have completed here.

The hoops we brought with us.

The unit is someone's road trash that I covered with tape.

Filled with quilts - handmade and gifted, crocheted and knitted blankets. Topped with little houses made from broken houses in Christchurch and a craved angel made in Bethlehem from olive wood.

Precious little corner. Do you have favourite spots at your place?

love you more than a little corner of happy xxx

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yeah I Made It 20/52 - House Pants

A little person saw this fabric as we were shopping and he looked at me with pleading eyes and it was on special....

So I said 'house pants' that means for wearing at home but not pyjamas.

And he said something happy with very sparkly eyes.

I cut a pattern off his jammie pants.

Now he can wear his house pants with comfort and pride - The Atlas hasn't asked for a pair yet but I'm sure it's just a matter of time!

love you more than foxy polar fleece xxx

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Today's question for pondering - why is it impossible to keep a full deck of cards?

and why did I just find the 5 of spades under a pile of dirty socks (ahem) in my room?

These are the big questions that challenge my mind.

love you more than a pack of cards that have stayed together through the storms of family life xxx

Monday, May 11, 2015

Yeah I Made It 19/52 - Where I Totally Surprise Myself

If you know me well you will have heard me saying I'm no artist. Creative yes, artist no. So when it comes to drawing I always feel a bit on the back foot.

However, I recently attended a wonderful stencil making class with Simone. (Definitely recommend one if you are wanting some fun and creative inspiration).

and I drew this awesome lion - freehand from my own imagination! Then I hand cut it into a stencil and printed it.

Then I stencilled it onto 2 little t-shirts and one piece of calico. Now I have 2 Christmas presents sorted and I have the stencilling bug.

Maybe I might find an artist in me after all if I scrape away the excuses and do some more practising.

love you more than surprising yourself xxx