Monday, October 31, 2016

A Finish is Better than a Start... sometimes!

I love starting new projects, LOVE it.

I love ideas and the thrill of starting, planning, strategising.

Finishing... not so much. The end of anything - washing the dishes through to bibliographies is the bit that does me in. Surprisingly, I do actually finish most of my projects - even though the very end part is the toughest for me, there are often threads left hanging!

Quite some time ago I made a couple of quilt tops from vintage sheets. I finished one straight away and the other one has just followed me around for a few years. Recently I sat myself down and took some of Deb's advice - a finished quilt keeps people warm - an unfinished one doesn't!! (She says it more eloquently than that).

I grabbed a lovely vintage woollen blanket my mama bought me and some thread and stitched it in diagonal lines. Bound it with some quilt binding and 'et viola! Done.

Now it sits on my growing quilt pile in the lounge for friends to snuggle under by the fire.

love you more than a vintage quilt xxx