Monday, October 10, 2016

Eep... I made a bodysuit!

Hi Babes (this post is not for the dudes!),

Remember that awesome fun we had in the 90s with body suits and over sized jeans? (my 'homie' days - although I am that uncool I'm not actually sure is it homey or homie?)...

So I now find myself trying out a body suit!

The idea of something that works well under things is the 'right' length for tucking in and doesn't ride out of its tuck in half way through the day won me over. Also, popper crotch so no nudity for toileting!

This pattern is the same 'Nettie' from Closet Case files I used for the last 2 dresses. The body suit was rather more complicated. The snapper crotch – in blue polka dots for a little undercarriage joy – caused much head scratching. The lining pieces are rectangle but the pattern asks you to iron them into a square, and then fold them lengthways? I read and re-read and eventually once I got to it it all worked fine…. I’m not sure if it was my problem or that the pattern seemed kind of obtuse?

You’ll be pleased to see I have modelled it, in all its (my) glory. Are there rewards for bravery? or consequences for over sharing??! I am even like a proper little 7 year old ballerina with my knicker bands poking out the bottom on one side!

I like the low cut leg line and the bands feel comfy – not too lose, not too tight. The low leg line also means you’re never going to get leg line hanging over the top of a waistband either.
Obvs, with this kind of wear the undergarments are important too – one wants to avoid too many lines… not sure I’ve nailed that yet.

With this pattern it’s really important to use a stretch stitch throughout, (you can straight stitch the top stitching on the neck if the scoop is deep), because every seam needs to have some give.
love you more than a polka dot popper crotch xxx