Friday, October 7, 2016

Tussle with a Toucan - Closet Case Files Nettie Dress

Me again!

So I wasn't finished at the green spots - I saw some toucan scuba knit, for $10m. I was very excited :-)

I decided to make another Nettie dress with it. Buying the requisite 1.5m ended up being a little excessive... I made a recorder cover (rather than toucan knickers!) for Bounce with some of the offcuts... there may still be enough for something else.

The toucan dress came together easily – I would recommend a longer stitch length with the fabric. Scuba knit really marks where the holes are too if you have to do any unpicking.  I overlocked the inside of the neckband which in hindsight makes it a bit scratchy on my ‘scoop’ areas. The overlocking  on the arm holes also seems to make the shoulders a little stiff.

In fully embracing the bird theme I wore my bird-leg coloured tights – and caused something of a stir at school drop off. (It was definitely a combo people commented on). I can confirm the stretch works for biking in though.

Having worn this dress a few times now I have cut the overlocking around the neckline off. Too scratchy! Also I find scuba gets rather whiffy or maybe it makes me feel a bit hot/cold sweaty... does that make any sense? I shall keep wearing it, because I like it but more for short wears rather than a whole day.

If I had my time with this fabric again I might go more for a hoodie or something but it still makes me smile.

love you more than a tussle of Toucans xxx