Friday, October 14, 2016


Kia ora e hoa ma,

Sometimes in making world the vision and the outcome seem to be speaking different languages! My sister (whose blog is filled with handmade clothing, especially pants!) is the master of wearing pants and separates... I on the other hand seem to have fallen hard into the dress category.

In an effort (which is ongoing) to diversify I decided to have a go at some pants using a gorgeous yellow fabric I got from Deb.

I used Sew Simple's classic trouser pattern.

The result?.. meh.
You know I am an over-sharer right? It's not even close to perfection here all the time!

They're not really me, they're a bit 'poopy' round the back and I'm not convinced I'll wear them. I made the waistband the wrong size and the fabric isn't working for me.

So, I gave them to said sister, she hacked them around a bit to fit her better and the other day sent me a pic of herself wearing them.

Let's call this an accidentally selfless sew and try a different trouser style next time? Deal? (also, I will introduce you to the top on my next post).

love you more than a redeemable project xxx