Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Origami Cranes Dress


I made this dress as part of Indie Pattern Month at the monthly stitch. When I saw this fabric in spotlight I almost did a full swoon. The colours the birds.... ahhh me.

It was one of those usual wonderful spotlight experiences where you wait in a queue 7 people deep while three people are at the counter, but only one is serving. If I hadn’t been so in love with the fabric and it wasn’t 30% off fabric day I might have given up in disgust. (An event I have seen happen to others on a semi-regular basis in spotlight).

I made this dress using 2 patterns, the Ruby dress bottom by Simple Sew and the Belladone top by Deer and Doe.

In the original dress I used an exposed zipper (which you seen in the photos). It undid itself at church during its first outing. In the end I took it out and changed it to an invisible zip - which looked awesome, until it popped open in the middle (also during church!).

Finally this dress now sports a plan old ordinary zipper which so far has not let me down!

I lined the pockets in some offcuts of a navy broadcloth I used for another Ruby dress that I made with an op-shopped lace curtain. I whipped out some turquoise pom-pom trim for the hem – because my clothing mantra is clearly ‘more is more’.

Here's to sewing dresses and making clothes and overcoming huge frustrations while in spotlight queues! (I'm sure it's good for my character)

love you more and an origami bird xxx