Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Green Goodness - Nettie Dress by Closet Case Files


A while a go my sister and I stumbled upon an op-shop that let us 'out the back' to rummage through about 30 banana boxes full of fabric. Oh yes please!!! We ended up with a banana box to bursting to take home between us and had lots of fun divvying up the goodness.

First up I had this green fabric which has a slightly woolly feel and is stretchy.

This pattern is from Closet Case files and called Nettie. 

I read through the sew-along for the body suit and (this is a big deal!) bought some of the pattern tracing fabric-stuff and traced the pattern off rather than cutting it out. Usually I avoid this kind of step because it feels like another prep-step, which is my least favourite part. However, it made the process so quick and simple in the cutting out stage. I may be a convert!

I cut the size 14 – I sit between the 12 and 14 but Heather recommends going for the bigger size because of the fit. I found the fit good – no tightness in the armhole – which is something I super hate.

This dress is a perfect one for anyone who is new to sewing or people who haven’t worked much with stretch. I really like the neckline which is cut separately and stretched to fit. The instructions for this are nice and clear and the result sits really well. This is one of my bug bears with a stretch neck – often they end up wavy and this isn’t the case at all with this pattern.

I've been doing quite a bit of making lately - whoop! So hopefully that will translate into more sharing here, just in case there is still anyone out there in blogland reading!

love you more than a stretchy waistline xxx