Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Making a House Home

Kia ora lovelies,

When The Atlas and I bought our first place, a little old state house, we did lots of work to it. We got rid of the peach and apricot walls, the fake wood veneer paneling, suspended office ceiling... you know, stuff! And, we did (with help) some awesome things to it but I always felt like it had to be neutral for 're-sale purposes'.

Someone said to me the other day that New Zealanders typically decorate and renovate their house with re-sale in mind rather than choosing what they want.

I feel like here in our second home I'm becoming a lot freer about doing what I want to do. So I decided to paint our laundry-toilet-bathroom space.

When we moved in it was a beige colour (similar to what we'd painted our last house). If you know me at all you'll know beige is not really a word anyone would associate with me.

So, with The Atlas' blessing (he may be described as long-suffering) I decided on a dark blue shade. The Atlas was behind me all the way but some other family members had some reservations! (extended family members). In places it looks like 2 smurfs have battled to the death but I'm not sure I'm much for bothering with fixing those bits!

Now it is my favourite (or at least one of my favourite) blue, with accents in hot pink, bright yellow... and pretty much a lot of other colours.

The toilet features some awesome stuff and is really a work in progress - there will be more added to the walls! I think it's nice to have some stuff to look at in the loo!

I've used wall decals to try and make the bathroom look like a confetti party. It's taken a while to find them but I ended up getting most of them from the awesome Pay It Forward shop - they are by Pepin Design. It's really nice to be able to support local shops and local makers when you are doing things like this. (This shout out isn't sponsored it's just my pleasure!)

These spaces make me SO happy. If we ever sell our place I'm sure the next people will want to put their own mark on the place, and maybe the bathroom won't be a real selling point... but I really don't mind that.

This space makes me smile every day!

What's your approach to home decorating? Are you a brave and personal, neutral and classy or 'resale' decisions first kind of person?

love you more than a yellow dot xxx