Wednesday, November 9, 2016

B.M.W.B - dates

Hiya friends,

It's SO looonnnggg since I've blogged about my whanau (family) but I thought I'd share a little thing we've been doing over the last few months.

Each month I schedule on the calendar a 2-3 hour stretch on a Saturday or Sunday. The appointment says 'mum and dad dates'. During this time we each spend an hour one on one with each of our boys. They set the agenda and we are activity trying to use this time to connect with them on their terms.

Last time Bounce and I made the baby suits for his teacher and then when Flip and I were hanging out he made a rhubarb crumble. (We have a fabulous rhubarb patch that continues producing rhubarb despite our complete neglect of it).

When The Atlas was with them he and Bounce when to a ceramics studio where they are going to do some ceramics making together. With Flip they went and hung out at a computer shop (among other things).

It's been great to be more intentional about giving our boys time where they get to choose what we do and we give them our undivided attention. Of course, we spend a lot of time together as a family and with the boys but these times have been really life-giving to our relationships with the boys.

Good times :-)

How about you, do you have specific dates or ways of hanging out with your littles?

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