Friday, November 4, 2016

Carmen Miranda Eat Your Fruit Bowl

Hello lovely reader,

Aside from the fruit headpiece I really know very little about Carmen Miranda.

I bought this fabric for about $1 or $2 a metre at some crazy spotlight clearance thing.

I decided to make a 2 layered maxi dress. I found this pattern for $1 in an op-shop (again). Really I was only interested in the neckline as the outer layer was going to be very loose anyway.

I used some bright yellow stretch already in the collection and made the under part first. Then I french seamed the outer layer (which feels like chiffon) and zigzaged the neckline and armholes before using bias binding to finish them.

I have to admit it has a slight (large?) nighty feel to it so I decided to add a super long ribbon bow to the back. The ribbon was probably the most expensive part of the dress!

While I am quick to admit this isn't the most flattering thing I've ever made I do think it will be something I'll enjoy on the can't-be-bothered-shaving-my-legs days that I have frequently through the summer!

Someone little took the photos - I'll leave you with the best of the best!

Perfect summer float about by the non-existent pool dress.

love you more than a neon fruit bowl xxx