Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tautoko A Mama

Kia ora lovelies,

It's actually not long until December is upon us and Christmas thoughts are no longer just for the 'crazy ones' who've been celebrating since July.

I love Christmas and I must also confess to enjoy presents - both the buying for and the receiving of!

The other day I was thinking this way and I suddenly thought about some of the beautiful mamas doing it solo that I know. As a mama it's quite frequently the case that you know every present under the tree but I think maybe more so for the mamas flying solo (and the papas flying solo).

On Christmas morning (or another morning depending on custody) she's probably not even going to be unwrapping something.

So this Christmas I'm challenging us all - to tautoko a mama.

Tautoko is one of my favourite Maori words (I have the privilege of working in a bi-lingual environment, sadly I'm not bi-lingual though*), it means to uphold, support, advocate for...

By this I mean - think of a great flying solo mama in your word, buy her something, wrap it and deliver for her and tell her to unwrap it on Christmas morning.

Just think of that something under the tree for her, something she doesn't know the contents of, something that says - 'hey I think you're rad, I've noticed you doing a great job, I acknowledge, uplift and support the job you are doing', or even just 'you're a babe'.

It doesn't have to be big - a block of chocolate all to herself, or a beautiful handmade soap can still communicate your tautoko.

It could be something special you've made. A CD that inspires you, a great book, a packet cake mix (there are surely days a solo mama needs one of these).... the options, when wrapped and delivered with love, are endless.

Will you join me?

Please do. Comment below. Take it to your social media communities, your friendship groups, your life.

There are SO many amazing, precious, hard-working, inspiring, loving, totally-ace mamas flying solo out there who need something under their tree to remind them about that.

Let's make Christmas 2016 time to #tautokoamama

* I do speak some Te Reo just no where near as much as I'd love to be able to! :-)

love you more than making a list and checking it twice xxx