Wednesday, April 23, 2014

in my neighbourhood - Blackebys

So... when we left NZ and I had to clean out my pantry I discovered I am somewhat of a magpie for sweets. This is strange given that we rarely (and I mean rarely) finish a bag - even a 50c mixture. So there were just so many sweets in the pantry it was embarrassing.

Truth be told I'm not much of a sweet/lollies person. I am a chocolate person and a marshmallow person most of all. I also like red and yellow lollies and black jelly beans and aniseed, pineapple lumps and licorice allsorts. But I never buy party mix.

But there is something about sweets that gets me every time. I love the way they are so pretty to look at and I mourn the loss of the dairy where you could create your own pick n mix. (Even though I worked at one and being on the other side of that - whole other story!)

So a while ago I did a chocolate walking tour (the best kind, I'll blog about it another time) and she took us to Blackebys which is like the oldest sweet shop ever.

I was in sweetie heaven.

The colours, the selection, the old fashioned window displays.

and... scripture mints!!! Look at these aren't they awesome? Love it.

My favourite thing? MnMs separated by colour. It's so pretty.

Blackebys is situated on a little side street off the pedestrian shopping strip called Rundle Mall.

If you are looking for eye candy or real candy this place won't disappoint.

** In my neighbourhood, recording our journey and writing the kind of posts about living in Adelaide I wanted to find before we left NZ**

love you more than a perfectly curated chocolate rainbow xxx