Wednesday, April 9, 2014

in my neighbourhood - The Studio

The Art Gallery is situated on North Terrace in the central city. We've been here a couple of times with the boys. Perhaps, typically?, they don't like spending hours looking at each piece of art, although they definitely have their favourites.

We have however made a wonderful discovery in the art gallery. In the gallery there is a room set aside called The Studio - sponsored by a couple it features some kind of interactive art making that goes with the theme of the latest special exhibition.

The first time we went the room was decorated to go with the Middle Eastern art that was currently featured. There was Plasticine and we made little 'trinkets'. At least that was what we were supposed to make. Bounce made about 40 things and Flip made some kind of obstacle course that used rather a lot of the tools as well. I made a 'tree of life'.

The next time we went we had The Atlas with us. The exhibition was the current 'Dark Heart' one. The large house they are posing on (we read the sign afterwards that said please keep off, oops!) is also part of the exhibit.

This time we were supposed to make talismans - being that I'm not really  into them we just did our normal make your own thing. The Atlas made me an eye patch (so romantic) and I made a couple of brooches - which I forgot to photograph. I really liked that for this one there was no tape or glue so aside from sewing you had to get creative with how to put things together.

Also they decorate the studio to match the theme which is pretty cool too.

... and the cafe features colour in table cloths - what's not to love?

The Studio is open the same days as the gallery and is free. Yay! If you like making and you have no shame you can go by yourself as an adult or you can round up some kids and take them too, for a cultural experience.

** In my neighbourhood, recording our journey and writing the kind of posts about living in Adelaide I wanted to find before we left NZ**

love you more than crafty challenges xxx