Saturday, April 5, 2014

Madly Making

So my gorgeous fabric arrived on Thursday for the Offset Warehouse challenge. The fact that we had a flat inspection (flat needed to be tidy) on Friday meant I could only wash the fabric and stroke it, smell it and imagine the exotic locations where it was lovingly hand stamped.

Friday night and I am pinning and cutting pattern pieces and making piping.

Marvelling at pretty good lining up of the line that runs through the pattern.

Inserting boning (not actually difficult to do if you haven't done it before).

And ironing! Yes I hear you gasping in surprise too - but I want to impress Zoe, who picked me for her representative.

Hoping I make good progress tonight, we have visitors arriving tomorrow to stay and this dress must be finished and photographed and submitted before Wednesday next week.

Sending me all your accurate and fast sewing vibes please.

Love you more than a mad sewing rush xxxx