Friday, April 25, 2014

Hold Your Nose I'm Sailing

The trip home from Kangaroo Island started with a short ferry trip. No probs - the one there was fast and easy.

Not so much on the way home.

when you leave the dock and the boat starts whooshing up and down so violently that your 2 children laugh and carry one like they are on a fun fair ride - it's not going to end well

when 2 or 3 of the staff stop to ask you how you are going, you know you're not looking pretty

when you stumble eventually to the end of the boat to lean against the stair rail in a cold sweat as the boat continues to learch, you will vow never to travel by boat again

when you vomit so violently you drop your sick bag and the sick explodes all over the deck, this will be a low point in your life and you will be grateful you are not famous after all

when you have to sit (because you still feel violently ill) clinging to the steps while everyone else and their 17 dogs (!!!) disembark and you listen to them make rude comments about the awful vomit smell, you will feel vaguely amused

then you will finally leave the boat sunglasses down and do the vomity walk of shame out to the car park where you will continue to feel awful for some time, but you will also laugh about that girl who freaked out when your vomity cloths (kindly laid down by staff over your 'incident') blew up onto her trousers

I know, I am sick right??

love you more than cool water and terra firma xxxx