Thursday, April 3, 2014

Make My Week - One Chair to Rule Them All

The dining chairs at our place are about as ugly as dining chairs can be. Nothing retro or redeemable about them and there are only four so we kind of need a couple more. (Remember we might like to have visitors some time!).

I have been searching for a good little wooden chair to make over and not having a lot of luck until my lovely neighbour dropped this unloved beauty outside our door one day.

The fact that I had to buy everything - right down to a sanding block and brushes this wasn't the cheapest makeover but I am so thrilled with the final result.

This is the chair to rule them all - to make the ugly chairs realise how ugly they really are and quake at its beauty.

I used a Kaffe Fasset fabric for the body of the chair and an Amy Butler cotton laminate for the seat. I bought the cotton at a local quilting shop and the cotton laminate from an Australian supplier on etsy.

Totally stoked with this chair, the colours make me really happy and I think the centre and chair work really well together. I'd like to do a couple more decoupoaged chairs so that we can have a few more and the house looks a bit more me.

Joining in with a chorus of crafty diversity over here.

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