Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We Recommend - for the food snob and giveaway

I know another giveaway - how much fun is this?? In my family I have rather a lot of foodies, perhaps we could call them food snobs???

This can make buying for them easy or hard. Easy because they love good food products, hard because they are going to turn up their noses about e-colours, food numbers, fillers... you know those things on the ingredient list you can't pronounce :o) My foodies are either foodies and hippies or foodies and gluten free or foodies with champagne tastes... or D all of the above!

Anyway... The Atlas and I went to an artisan food market with tastings (the best kind!) a while ago and spent rather too much time 'tasting' at one of the tables, Sami's kitchen. These guys are another one of those great ideas if you want to give a foodie something they will really, really like but you're on a pams gingerale budget. They have spice mixes/rubs and super snazzy nuts.

We've been troughing (you know like pigs at a trough), through the Zataar which we bought at the market and also using their spices on meat and well, the nuts didn't last long but we loved them while we ate them. I like Sami's because they are local, a family business and they tick all the food snob boxes their products are..... just listen to this adorable description on the back of the spice mixes:

this product is free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Fillers, Starches, MSG, Preservatives or Additives (except extra love). 

They are available online and I think they'd make a really great gift for a foodie lover or a nice alternative to chocolates for a teacher, tutor, coach type person in your life, also a lovely gift for a foodie who has foodie allergies.

Another foodie idea I love as a gift was one I received from Leonie last year in the Advent Swap. It's a brownie in a jar. This is a super easy idea that makes really good brownies - my waist line can attest! Simply load the ingredients into a jar, add the instructions and you are good to go. A fun idea would be to put a few together over an evening listening to Christmas carols.

Even better pair it with some of Sami's nuts and you'll be given the big tick. I really like consumable gifts when you know you don't have a lot to spend but you want to give something that will be genuinely enjoyed. Especially great when you are getting something for someone whose normal tastes and desires are way out of your budget.

So giveaway - 6 people (I know they are super generous!) will win some of Sami's loveliness of their own to try.

How can you win? 3 chances:
1. Visit Sami's and tell me what your favourite thing is
2. Link in a We Recommend post of your own
3. Leave me a comment telling me your favourite nut.... anyone seen 'Best in Show'? pinenut, peanut, pistachio nut.....comedy gold!

a comment for each please :o)

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