Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make My Week - In Which I am Mother-of-the-Year

Being a crafter (even a bad one) is a very handy skill as a parent.

Last minute costume required, school uniform need hemming, outfit for sports day - all do-able.

This term Flip is learning the recorder as part of the class, (oh that poor teacher with her aching ears! Although clearly not my wee Mozart - he will be wonderful of course!) and we found a recorder at Ma n Pop's but it had no case.

So, not only did I whip up a case, making some serious rooky mistakes - that side seam? not intended - I let Flip choose the fabric, use my fabric markers to make a label and I lined it in polar fleece. I know, need I do any more parenting this year? I think not.

He likes it very much. Today on the way in to school he said to a boy in his class,
 "my recorder has a special case."
Reply - "so does mine"
Flip - "but my mum made my one."

See - low standards and child participation all it takes to be parent-of-the-year!

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Love you more than the feeling of smugness xxx (which never lasts for long anyway!)