Monday, October 14, 2013

B.M.W.B - Photo Scavenger Hunt

The last day of the holidays stretched out ahead of us and we (the boys) couldn't agree on what they wanted to do from the limited, non-screen options I offered them. I was feeling a bit pants and I could see the day descending into a big let down.... then inspiration struck.

I wrote them both a list, got them separate clipboards and tied pens to them (Bounce was very impressed with that!). Then I took out my camera and informed them we were going on a photo treasure hunt.

Flip's list was only words and Bounce's had pictures to help him out. I deliberately tried to make the lists different so Bounce didn't just copy Flip. (My little one spends his entire time trying to choose the same as what the big one will choose and the big one wants to pick something different than the little one?!?)

They absolutely loved it and we stopped to play at the park together at the other end.
Bounce's Photos

They haven't stopped talking about it since, to the point we've ordered a cord for my old small digital camera and it is going to be their very own camera to share.
Flip's Photos

This was so easy to put together and it turned what could have been an in-your-face morning to a really pleasant time together. We all got fresh air and enjoyed showing the pictures to The Atlas later.

We'll be doing more of these for sure.

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