Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We Recommend - DIY

Okay, so not everyone sews but there are a lot of people (me at least) who rather like a little DIY and summer holidays are the perfect time for such things, yes?

As a child one of my best-ever gifts was a 'craft kit' - glue, mini straw hats (those were the days!), scraps of ribbon..... you know cool stuff.

So this week I want to highlight some cute ideas for DIY-kits. These aren't sponsored but I've provided links where I can to help you get the bits yourself if you want to.

Best thing about DIY-kits is that they are the gift that gives twice - once when you give it and again when they have a go and sometimes even more if the products go for a few rounds.

1. Pillowcase fun - I literally made this pillowcase last night. And although it's not good manners to say so, I totally love it and am rather impressed with myself.  I used 1m of plain white homespun and made up the pattern as I went along. You could however buy a nice (or cheap) pillowcase from any shop - Briscoes, Farmers, Bed Bath & Beyond.... and then add in some fabric markers. Perfect for the arty type. Not too pricey but the markers obviously go on giving for other projects. Other inspiring pillow case ideas here.

2. Shoes - these are the shoes I made earlier this year. I bought the shoes for $7.50 from The Warehouse and the glitter - which you only need a small container of - from there as well. Add in some PVA and even print out a tutorial if you are feeling super and you have another fun gift. You could leave out the glitter and go for fabric paints or markers, sequins would be fun too.

3. Kitchen kisses - these wee cookie cutters are from The Make Cafe and they are going to go in Bounce's stocking. They are so cute and small and they make a Noah's Ark scene which totally spins my wheels. At $8 for 6 they would also make the perfect teeny present if you split them up and did the 'cookie in a jar' (see last weeks 'brownie in a jar') with that tied around the jar. Kitchen DIY kits are super easy for small or big kitchen lovers - cute cupcake cases, icing gels, edible glitter, fancy sprinkles.... all those special things that kitchen lovers might not normally buy themselves but would use for special occasions during the year.

4. Tin Can Robots - this is another great one from Leonie who made these for my boys last year. Tins, magnets, fabric scraps, googly eyes etc. Add in some glue/sellotape/washi tape and you'e got a super fun idea for kids.

5. Not DIY but it must be said - if you have a child between 18months and 3 to give a gift to spend $1.50 at the supermarket and buy them a box of tissues and let them pull every single one out of the box. I promise they will absolutely love it - it's like magic those things just keep popping up again.

6. Washi tape - a while ago I won a voucher from this lovely shop and I spent it all on washi tape - a couple of rolls will go in the boys stockings. But at $4ish a roll I also think this on it's own or with a nice couple of pencils and a link to your washi tape ideas on pinterest, is a lovely gift for a stationery lover - you know I am a stationery lover!

7. A fat quarter/strip of fabric and a bag of wheat (super cheap from Bin Inn) and some simple instructions and a new sewing type could make their own wheatie bag.

8. Seeds and a little hand trowel or garden gloves. Perfect for the big or small worm lover. (Mitre 10, Bunnings or your local garden centre will stock these bits - I know rocket science to work that one out!!).

I'm going to highlight some easy to make (no sewing) cheap gifts for families in the coming week/s but for now these are I think easy ideas for the DIYers in your lives.

What DIY kit would you love to receive?

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