Monday, October 28, 2013

B.M.W.B - Birthday Philosophy

At the end of this week we have a very, very special birthday.

When my children were less than 5 we always celebrated with cake and family but turning 5 marks a transition into 'drop off parties' where a set number of friends are invited over to celebrate.

I like celebrations and parties are no different. I'm not pin worthy certainly but I love the idea of a theme and changing up the games to suit the theme. To be honest I don't know that the kids notice much, but I do and it brings me pleasure to do it.

I don't think birthday parties are about extravagant amounts of spending and I feel very uncomfortable with the idea people might spend a lot on my child. My mantra to the boys is 'they might not bring a present and that doesn't matter because they are coming to celebrate with you because you are special to them.'

and when they go to parties, 'there might not be cake or games or something to take home and you are not to ask for these things. They invited you to celebrate with them and that's why you are going.' (I hope and pray my child is never the one to say - this is boring, when are we having games....)

All that said - I love my boys so much and I want them to know I want to celebrate them. I plan their birthday parties because I am anticipating creating a wonderful couple of hours for them to know they are worth the effort to me. They are worth celebrating and it is worth celebrating every wonderful year we share our lives together.

Families all do that in different ways but I think (and hope) for all the philosophy is the same - its not about being impressive, keeping up with others, proving what a wonderful parent you are or how many friends your children have - it's about celebrating the gift of each other.

and that is always worth the effort!

Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting, to honour it's value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other. 

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