Thursday, September 12, 2013

Make My Week - Crafting Humility

Often I make things that aren't perfect, in fact I usually joke I wouldn't need to make the intentional mistake in a quilt (as the Amish do, because only God is perfect), because it's unlikely I'll ever achieve perfection.

I made this baby quilt - and it just wouldn't do anything I wanted it too. Everything felt wrong about it. The back shifted off while I was quilting.... on it went. I abandoned it several times during the process in frustration.

And then when it was complete I felt a whisper that I needed to give it away to someone who is in fact very clever and crafty.... and I struggled with that, a lot. Because this person knows how to sew and the imperfections are SO obvious.....

In the end I swallowed (gagged) on my pride and sent it anyway.

Because sometimes I need to reveal the imperfect in me and not just the stuff I'm impressed with.

This is a journey I'm on.... praying a prayer to become more humble turns out to be a difficult prayer when it starts to be answered. You don't become humble with out a little humiliation along the way it would seem.

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Love you more than a graciously received, imperfect gift. xx