Thursday, September 5, 2013

Make My Week - Pinky Squares

A while ago I saw this quilt on Cait's blog and it made my wheels spin like a truck in mud.

So I asked all sorts of questions and in the end we also swapped some sheet squares.

I'm actually making a couple of single sized tops but I liked this for the left overs. This is the left over pinks and greens.

It's probably a small cot sized - but I assume wherever it ends up it will probably be for lying on, dribbling on and spitting up on - babies are like that! The photos-at-dusk aren't the best indication but hopefully if you scrunch your eyes up small and imagine some Spring sun shining it might help :o)

I love how happy it feels :o) The top is made entirely from second hand sheets and the base (it isn't padded) from an old wool blanket. Then I've hand stitched in diagonals using some very old embroidery floss that is left over from my childhood stitching days.

So today I'm joining in with the crafty Show and Tell-ers and the Op Shop Show Off-ers

 Show & Tell Thursday's

Love you more than a great vintage sheet with a $3 price tag xxx