Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We Recommend - For the Grandies and the Inspirational Types

Grandies (by which I mean grandparents or other 'older' family members) are a tricky bunch..... they are (often) at a stage of life where the kind of stuff they'd really like is somewhat out of the price range of the mortgage and small kids brigade.

I find with grandies that the personalised kid gifts seem to be best, but I still want to give them something they'll actually want so I try to go for things they will hopefully like and keep the gigantic cardboard kindy sculptures and unusual I'm-not-quite-sure-what-this-is pottery for home (or the skip bin if I am entirely honest!). 
Also, for many of us we don't have all our grandies nearby - sob! (We love it when grandies live nearby). So postable is another important consideration. 

With this in mind, I stumbled across the perfect gift recently. Uber cute Polaroid style fridge magnets. You simply go into the website, upload 8 photos, pay your money and hey-presto you have durable (we've had ours for quite a while and they've had a lot! of play), professional, easy to send, just like a brag-book for your fridge, gifts.

The site is very user friendly and mine were in my itchy hands within a week of the order! Yay :o) As you can see in the photo above they come in a group of 4 (you get 8 in an order) and you pop them out of the frame. The whole thing is as thin as a letter and about the size of a CD case - so postage should be pretty reasonable too.

If you are generous you can do a whole set for each set of grandies (we have 3 sets), or you can get a set and split them up. Make an envelope from a piece of kindy art and you have the ultimate grandy gift. 

But I also think these could have a further reach:

I'm going to put one or 2 in the boys stockings - which I know they will love. 
If you have a bit of fun in a site like picmonkey (which is mainly free and simple enough for my limited skills) you can also create some cool gifts for the 'inspirational types'. I made these ones entirely from photos I had taken (except the pencil one, which is on the picmonkey site) and quotes I love. 

These would be really cool if you had a few of those 'bring a small gift - remember you can split them - parties', gifts for quote loving teachers, or something to keep in the present box for that last minute, we forgot they were coming, guest.

Love them right? So I also have a little discount code to offer you too! The lovely Casey at magnapix said you can have 30% off if you want to order some too. Just add mag30off in the voucher code area and you are good to go. Aren't they lovely?

some on the fridge
I can see these are going to be the kind of things I order again and again. In fact I kind of wish I ordered a double set of the quote ones already. Also, if you love any of my quote ones I am more than happy to email you the files so you can make your own and be inspired too. 

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