Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On Tuesday, Wardrobe Wednesday - What I Wear to Study

So... study. I am studying (only one paper) this semester and I'm studying theology. Which I must confess sounded to me a lot like a bunch of very tedious, boring, religious, disapproving types using longs words and discussing the white mould as discussed in the Levictical purity laws... I was a bit concerned when I signed up.

Thankfully it hasn't turned out that way at all.

I go to lectures 3 hours a week in an evening. This is what I wore last week. Hopefully I am at least working to challenge my own stereotype of how 'theologians' might look.

Skirt - bought about 12 years ago
Top - cheap one I picked up at a clearance sale - unfortunately it says 'rugby girl' on it, which literally couldn't be further from the truth, so I put the brooch on to cover my shame!
Shoes - dangerous and too uncomfortable to wear all day, but rather fun! Rubi in Melbourne

Joining in with Kelly at WW (I am a day early this is true but 'we recommend' starts tomorrow).

Love you more than the smell of a new textbook and a pencil case full of highlighters xxxx