Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Recommend - for the suit wearing man and giveaway

The Atlas and I have an unspoken arrangement when we go out - I am allowed to wear whatever crazy ensemble I feel like and he can wear whatever t-shirt and jeans ensemble he wants. He does not have my crazy taste. So, we pretty much never 'match' and we really don't care.

At heart The Atlas is a casual dresser. Jeans and a funky t-shirt are his non-work uniform. He wears a shirt to work every day, and from time to time (when required), a tie. So he doesn't really have need of ties for Christmas... so where does one go for small, practical (he likes practical) but still fun and funky?

shhh.... I'm going to slip in some super cute cufflinks into his stocking.

I bought him some R2D2 ones earlier in the year, when he was bemoaning the inability to wear his nice double cuff shirt, and they are right up his alley. Not too 'hipster' but not too 'gold with a small diamond to match my tie pin' either.

I bought these from Linkz and I was really impressed with the kind of range they have. Lots of heroes and villains and star wars and Lego... (and some sensible ones too if that's more your mans style). They came in a gift box and they were delivered quickly. And they have stayed in one piece... unlike a pair I bought him from somewhere else another time....

So when I asked them if they wanted to be part of the we recommend series they sent me a pair for you too :o) Is there a star wars lover you love that would like a set of storm trooper cufflinks? Course there is!!

Like some cufflinks to put in someones stocking? Here's 3 chances to enter:
1. Pop over and tell me which set you like best from their range
2. Link in your own recommendation post this week - linky is open for a week - please do I'd love your recommendations too!
3. Tell me a wardrobe fail you've had recently... in the interests of sharing, The Atlas came home the other night and I was standing at the stove cooking (I know, he is so lucky!) and he pointed out the fact I had 2 big tears right in the buttocks area of my dress. Not sure how many other people enjoyed that during the day.

Separate comment for each please. Winner drawn next week and I'll send them to you in time for Christmas.

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Love you more than The Atlas loves Star Wars xxxx