Wednesday, September 4, 2013

'We Recommend' - Personalised

The Atlas always had Christmas stockings growing up. A couple of small things and an orange to act as a morning distraction at 'crazy-o'clock' when children wake up on Christmas morning. We've continued the tradition.

This year I've been thinking about some small things to go in their stockings. (I'm also planning to make them some nice, small, stockings). Sometimes it is hard to find small things that aren't cheap plastic or ridiculously expensive.

Web image - our ones have a name, penguin and phone number on them.
So I've got them both a name stamp. Something they can stamp in their books and on belongings if they are lending them or taking them places. I know these will make them feel very important and they'll play with them too.

It's one of those things that are small, practical and easy. If you are an aunt or uncle with multiple littles to buy for I know these would be a great hit. I have seen just the name ones in shops but a) my youngest has a non-typical name and b) they don't have a phone number and c) some had less-than-pleasant images.

In the end I bought mine from vista-print and they were about $6 each, I think. (They are one of those places always having sales or free postage offers). I also thought these would make great birthday gifts if there were a collection of kids you knew your children would be invited to birthdays of. You'd want to do a few at once to make postage worthwhile.

These could also make really practical, inexpensive gifts for a family as well.

By starting to stock up on these things now I think it spreads out the cost too.

So what do you recommend? Do you do stockings? Is there a 'stocking essential' I should know about?

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