Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wardrobe Tuesday - Can I Do Preppy

If life were Grease I'd be Patty Simcox or Sandra Dee before the leather pants. You know annoyingly happy, loud, over-enthusiastic, bright and bubbly and always with my hand up to be the volunteer.

Most of the time when I get up I want to have some fun but now and again it's cold and I'm biking and it's a pants day - trouble is I own one pair of jeans and some black formal pants (if you live in the UK I'm talking trousers not undies), and trackies. That's it. I just ripped the thigh out of my black jeans (there were a hand-me-down). So I'm stuck with 1 pair of jeans for public wear.

Here's my attempt at preppy - or what Patty might wear if she'd ever stoop to jeans (which I'm sure she wouldn't).

I don't mind it, but it feels a bit normal.... do you ever have that dilemma??

jeans - ezibuy
shirt - op-shopped
cardi - op-shopped
Beads - gift
shoes - the warehous

Love you more than a high ponytail xxx

Joining in with lovely Kelly tomorrow. Click on the WW button for more stylish ladies.