Thursday, August 10, 2017

Making - Lamp Shade

So how's life?

I'm taking a break from books to bring you a make. There has actually be quite a lot of making going on of late but I've been tardy with my blogging!

I bought this fabulous lamp shade making kit a while ago from The Make Company. When I got home I realised, oh joy!, that I had enough of a scrape left of the fabulous Kaffe Fassett fabric Deb gave me to make the shade.

The kit came with everything I needed so I finally pulled it out one Friday morning and whipped it together.

Now it is hanging above our kitchen table and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Sometimes there are things that need to be made that really are so quick and satisfying you wonder why it took so long. Maybe that explains why I have about 10 months (I may exaggerate slightly) worth of washing I haven't folded!

Anything new come out of your creative space lately?

love you more than basking in the actual glow of a recent make xxx