Thursday, November 6, 2014

Make My Week - Deer and Doe Belladone

So I have seen this pattern a lot around the inter webs and always wanted a copy for myself. Then I realised that the gorgeous Drapery sells their patterns right here in Adelaide.

Hello Belladone.

For this one I measured myself and cut a straight 44 (which was a bit alarming because that translates to a size 16 which is different to what I normally wear). This usually happens with the main pattern companies - I measure myself size up and find it is enormous on so now I just cut my regular sizes in familiar patterns. Anyway.... first time around I was determined to make it exactly as the pattern recommends.

Being an indie pattern I expected a lot more detail in the pattern and illustrations of every step but it was much more like the main pattern companies (the big four in sewing speak!). Not that it is hard to follow more that it was different from my expectations.

The pattern is fairly straight forward. I did lower the front neckline a little and I just turned up the hem rather than adding the strip of fabric as instructed (I ran out of fabric - what can you do?).

The fabric is some from my stash that I couldn't walk past when it was on sale. It's Sarah Fielke (which I have probably spelt wrong but quilters will know who I mean!).

Next time - I will probably leave the bust as is, lengthen the shoulder height a little and grade in to at least a 42 in the waist - there is a lot of room and it would be more flattering without it, I think. Also I might lengthen the bodice slightly the waist band sits very high. Overall it looks fine on but the fit could be better on me.

All in all - I am pleased with this one though and their will be more - now that I have done it once it will be much quicker to put together and I love the back detail and the wee pockets.

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