Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Make My Week - Christmas Cape

I am currently working with a team of creative and marvellous people to realise a wonderful, non-typical Christmas Carols event.

As I am narrating the journey I needed something to wear - this is what was requested: A full length velvet cape.

I added the sequins around the hood rather than fur because I think it will feel more magical in the lights. (Also the red crushed velvet kind of lends itself to looking a little from the 'dark side' if you know what I mean and I thought the sequins might counteract that!)

It's unhemmed but as I don't plan on wearing it daily I think I'll get away with it. I used a very ugly Simplicity costume pattern but made it full length and took a lot of the width out of it.

Joining in tomorrow with lovely crafty types here:

 Show & Tell Thursday's

I have asked for a sworn promise that the air conditioning in the building will be set to freezing - just so as I can survive the evening.

love you more than a row of sequins xxxx