Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Little Rural Romance

At the moment I am so enjoying reading novels. Here and there over a couple of evenings I can get through one and lately I am meeting lots of new authors which I really like too. It's nice to escape into someone else's world and it feels much nicer than wading through rubbish on TV. Of course the problem is you finish one and you immediately want to start another.

As you may know (!) I am not a rural girl, now and again I think about the country existence and being self sustainable - then I remember that I am an extrovert who needs a lot of people in my life, I don't much go for a lot of time out-of-doors and I get a bit icky about a lot of animal things.

Having said that I am enjoying reading novels set in rural Australia. Nothing like a few of the cold hard facts thrown in to make you really appreciate how tough farmers do it.

Gemma's Bluff by Karly Lane is clearly written by a woman who loves the rural landscapes of Australia and also gives some good messages about the unrelenting-ness of farming. Mainly though it's a good romantic chic-lit about a city girl who finds that she is caught up into farming life.

I like that Lane doesn't cater to the perfect stereotypical synopsis. The characters are flawed (and sometimes annoying!) and they don't get their own way all of the time. There are speed bumps and swamps and sometimes it seems like things really aren't going to go well in the end. I also appreciate that characters aren't one dimensional - the bad guy has redeeming qualities and the good guy needs to pull his head in now and again.

Lane has written quite a few other rural novels and is also a mum to four children - she's got some skills right there!!

An enjoyable read with some nice romance, perfect for a hot summer's reading.

Details - Allen and Unwin November 2014, RRP $29.99 also available as an ebook.

What novel are you reading at the moment?

love you more than a cold lamb sandwich with mint sauce xxx