Monday, August 21, 2017

Making - McCalls M7286

Hiya friends,

The other day a friend came over for the evening once our littles were in bed and we sewed. I recently bought this fabric (yeah, I kind of fell off the 'buy no new fabric' this year) and wanted to make a simple top.

I had purchased the M7286 pattern a while ago with the thoughts of extending it into a t-shirt style dress. I didn't have quite enough fabric for the raglan sleeve as well so I used some op-shop navy from my stash and I love the finish.

I'm so into this fabric  and this top is so comfy and easy to wear - yay!

I made the straight size medium and just sewed it up my own way except for the neckline where I followed their instructions. I love the neckline - it sits nice and flat and I think it looks great. :-)

I will be making some more of these tops - I had to cut the paper pattern out and the top was still started and finished between 8-10pm and next time it will be faster because the pattern cutting out is always a time sucker.

yay! What yay is there in your world at the moment? Do tell ...

love you more than whales xxx