Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bookish - Pottymouth and Stoopid

Hiya Book Lovers,

I hope you've been enjoying the week of reviews for children's books.

Pottymouth and Stupid by James Patterson is a book designed especially for readers who have a sense of humour, at least one great friend and who know what it's like not to be the cool-kid.

Highly readable and filled with illustrations to support the text it's the perfect novel for the 10+ category of 'I can read, but not always enthusiastically'.

David and Michael have spent a life time with nicknames they didn't choose or like and now here they are at the front of the whole school assembly telling their story - right from the beginning. How did two rejects end up here and what has prompted this situation? Read on to find out.

A funny, silly and a little bit naughty tale with some bite. A commentary on bullying told without any of the approach we might be used to.

A great read for fans of fiction that doesn't take itself too seriously. Perfect for the middle school age group. (10-13 years).

Details - Penguin Random House - Young Arrow, June 2017 RRP $19.99 

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