Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bookish - Where Is Grandma

Hi Book Enthusiasts,

A few years ago Grandad bought us a copy of My First Car was Red which is a truly different picture book from any (of the very many) we own. When I saw Gecko had published another, Where is Grandma, by the same author Peter Schossow I was really eager to read it.

Schossow both writes and illustrates his books, we'll try not to hate him for being so talented! and he is a master at both. The text reads like a continual inner monologue as Henry waits and waits for his young nanny to get off the phone so that they can go and find grandma in the hospital.

Finally Henry takes matters into his own hands - how hard can it be to find grandma? and sets off. For anyone who has ever visited anyone in hospital you can imagine just how hard that turns out to be!

The book manages to capture the truly dizzying complexity of a modern hospital - all those doors - without ever feeling stressful or overwhelming in a negative sense. The narrative feels absolutely genuine and rather charming in an effortless sense.

A wonderful read for anyone who loves detailed illustrations and is in touch with their own inner monologue.

Details - Gecko Press, July 2017, RRP $29.99 HB - follow the link for an inside peak at some of the illustrations.

love you more than a bird on a window sill xxx