Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yeah I Made It...7/52 Necklace Storage

In our last house in NZ I filled the wall with pins to hang my necklaces on - you can do that when you own a house

not so much when you are renting.

The Atlas picked up some acoustic sound board for me at the local hardware store (much cheaper than peg board). I staple-gunned string across the back and hung 2 hooks on the wall (by eye not a spirit level in sight!) then I used short push pins to make some hooks for the bling.

Now the tangled tin of brooches and necklaces is this wonder.

So simple to do but such a good feeling to have completed.

20 minute job and basically a new piece of 'art' for our bedroom - all those colours make my heart happy.

What is the state of your jewellery box?

love you more than a colour explosion xxx