Friday, February 20, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 8/52 Coffee Table Makeover

This new place we are in isn't furnished (hooray!) which means that we needed to get furniture.

This coffee table arrived looking totally fine but I wanted to do a little makeover on it.

Sanded and primed (yawn)

Coat one

Tape applied

Coat two and three

Tape removed - we all liked this bit!

A few patches needed a recoat (nothing a small paintbrush and spray paint in the lid couldn't fix)

it worked!

Before and Afterish

I've decided that teal and navy are a perfect combo. There will be another coffee table makeover in this same combo but a different style. I also grabbed a table from someone's hard rubbish the other day for the boys room that will undergo a similar transformation.

Have you ever done a hard rubbish snatch??

love you more than a house full of colourful furniture xxx