Friday, February 13, 2015


For eight and half years I have been the stay-at-home (or race around madly) mama of 2 little men.

Next week I start a job 3 days a week.

3 afternoons and mornings a week I won't be the one to drop them at school or pick them up.

This is a big change for us as a family. I guess this is a journey that faces every parent somewhere along the line. Suddenly I realise I will miss some assembly performances and I might not be able to go on every school trip - things I have had the joy of taking for granted since I have had them.

I feel quite emotionally overwhelmed by it all at the moment - the same way I feel at each of the milestone markers we have had on the journey so far. A chapter is closing (and opening) for me. Eight and a half years without a regular job - although I have done other work along the way - is a big deal for me too.

Because it is a teaching position I will still have the joy of school holidays but I will have zero flexibility around my working hours - I can't start late so I can go to see an assembly or swap a day so I can attend sports day or any of the other things that might be afforded me in a different job... and there it is I guess for every parent. Choices and compromises pros and cons. You have some wins you have other losses.

I am excited about this new phase for us as a family but I am also sad to wave goodbye to the easy days of being able to be completely flexible around the boys.

It probably means changes here too I guess but for now let's just enjoy whatever comes okay?

(on the plus side I bought 2 pairs of proper shoes today - not as high and exciting as I would like but for now more professional than the birkenstocks I wear every day to combat the heat.) Maybe I'll do a series of what I wore for work photos - although early starts, not a strength - we might have to see how that one goes!

For those that juggle this kind of lifestyle I'd love to hear your top tips. Cleaner? (Oh yes please!)

love you more than an easy morning on a school day xxx