Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday #14 - Inspired

A new month of Wardrobe Wednesday loveliness coming up... Nin's theme for the month is inspirations - you know that style of dressing, that woman on the bus, that celeb you can't get enough of....
My inspiration for this ensemble is colour blocking, which I rather like and have seen a lot of lately around the web-o-sphere.

And I am also inspired by 'obvious' lipstick.

I quite like the 'yes I am wearing very red lipstick at 10am girl's I see from time to time - they always look like they have a commitment to looking like they have made an effort and they do care about how they look.

Dress - second hand - Dunedin, tights - cosmic corner, shoes - barcelona (and they are starting to die, sob!)

Pop over to Nin's and check out what inspires other people's wardrobes.
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Notchka said...

I just love everything about this outfit - hounds tooth, colour blocking, red lippy - yum!! You have gorgeous pins also!

Jess B said...

Love that dress! I think I say that every week. I'd say you have a never-ending supply of fabulous dresses. And great job with the lippy - I quite like the 'yes I am wearing very red lipstick at 10am girl's' too. Have just bought a new lipstick so I'm going to try and be bold too!