Tuesday, April 17, 2012

B.M.W.B #17 - Paints

I am the world's most disappointing when it comes to getting the paints out. So in order to force me to rectify it I gave the boys tubes of paint for Christmas....

and we just got them out this week....

Flip and I also had a wonderful trip to creative junk where I let him go wild to buy bits for making his birthday invitation. We found all sorts of treasures and spent rather a time cutting out letters, making stamps and sticking together.

Here's a very sneaky peak.

In about a month I plan to have a wonderful birthday party post inspired by the likes of Simoney who has whole pinterest boards dedicated to the fun she has making parties for her children. (check out the links for awesome inspiration)

Today we have a trip with Grandad to see Rapunzel... children's theatre is very rich down here in Christchurch.
In the holidays what is something fun and free you do with your children?

We recently discovered another amazing place for riding bikes - bottlelake forest
This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. Please inspire me with the little moments you are snatching with your little people OR with ideas I could do with mine. If you have blogged about it please leave a comment so we can all visit and encourage each other.

Simple. Intentional. Achievable: becoming the mama I want to be.