Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 25/52 Skirt Re-Make

Hi Y'all,

It makes me smile and nod when I come across an almost complete handmade item in an op-shop. I tried on this skirt in my local which was too small. I suspect it was too small for the original owner too because it was complete except for the final hook and eye/button and button hole required to make it complete. Don't you hate when that happens?

I'm pretty sure it's Dupion Silk. Originally my plan was to take off the waistband and just insert an elastic waist, then I decided that might not be the most flattering choice....

So, I took off the waistband, sketched in some darts and cut the right size from the top of a skirt pattern, bias bound the waist facing and stitched it back together - sort of.

I left all the volume from the hips down. Then I scrunched and pinned all over the skirt to get the desired level of puffy. Once that was done I did a stitch and re-stitch over the line (on the machine) and it was done!

Side note - I took it to school to collect the boys in the afternoon so I could trim the threads and gathered quite a little entourage asking what it was and exclaiming how pretty it was. Kids do love to see craft in public it would seem, and I guess many of them don't see their parents making stuff.

I'm stoked with the final result. This is how I wore it.
Top - opshop,
Tights - hand-me-down from my sister,
Skirt - remake from a $8 op-shop purchase,
Cardi - throw out from a friend,
Boots bought on sale for $75 down from $250 a couple of years ago

The Atlas and I joked about the ensemble looking a little like Santa's Little Helper - so he said he was going to get a t-shirt made that said "I'm with Sanat's little helper". I do love that he thinks this is a great outfit, I know there's many a partner who wouldn't!!

love you more than an outfit that turns heads xxx